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At Woolaway Studios, Fine Art Workshops Fleurieu Peninsula, we offer a number of photographic Visual Art tutorial workshops. 

Photography 101 - Understand the basics

4 week tutorial/workshop (run over 4 weeks)

four x 2 hour sessions

$40 per session

For those with no or minimal photographic experience - Including how and when to use to effect: ISO, Shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field.


Photography 201 - Content, Composition, Concept, and Conceive

8 day or evening two part tutorial workshop (run over 8 weeks)

eight x 2 hour sessions.

$40 per session

PART 1 - For those with at least basic photographic experience - understand the fundamentals, including how and when to use to effect, and learn the rules and when to break them. We explore the work and styles of the leading avant-garde photographers over the past 100 years, Modernist, Post Modernist, and Contemporary.

PART 2 - Whatever the mode of picture taking that you do, whether you use a point and shoot, SLR, or DSLR camera, or even an iPhone, every picture should tell a story. In this tutorial, we help you explore and bring to life your story, what you feel strongly about, what makes you happy or sad.

Enjoy your tutorial/workshop in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, and above all, have fun. 

Photography is a way to express yourselves, to capture the diverse moments that string together to form the necklace of life, a way to preserve those moments for life. It isn’t just about being snap-happy, making images everywhere you go without putting too much thought into those captures. Photography goes beyond that. Being a visual art, it is defined by the vision of the photographer – what they see, how they see it and what they decide to show to the rest of the world.

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