Weekly silversmith/jewellery classes

$15 per hour 

Classes are Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm, and Thursday's from 11 am to 1 pm

You might be a beginner who is hesitating to dive into jewellery making, or a seasoned jeweller in a bit of a creative slump. In either case, it’s always inspiring to remember that there are many reasons to make your own jewellery.

Cuttlebone casting workshop 

make 1 (or more) silver pendant

Cost of studio hire is $200 for 1 to 4 people.

*** We do accept larger group bookings at an extra $50 per person, up to 10 people in total

(Posting finished pieces will incur an extra cost if required)

  • Up to 3 hour workshop session with 2 tutors

  • Tutor will show the process of preparing the cuttlebone

  • Cuttlebone for students will be made ready beforehand to begin carving straight away

  • Use special scrapers to carve out a design/shape of your own choice in the cuttlebone

  • Watch the tutor melt silver and pour it into the cuttlebone

  • Open up the cuttlebone to see your creation

  • Leave your piece with the tutors so they can solder on a bail for a chain to go through and polish it. Or if there is time left over we will get you to begin the filing and sanding up process on your own pieces.

  • Pick up the finished pendant/s later that day (or they can be sent by post to a designated address)

  • PLEASE NOTE  Silver is an extra cost of $20 for each pendant made (price of silver is approx $1.50 per gram at the moment and 20 grams is needed for one cast)

Although you will only be in the studio for 3 hours, the two tutors will need to cut off the sprues, file and sand areas, solder on a bail, and polish each one  so you can have your finished item later that day.


The secret to a happy, healthy life is being creative. That applies to jewellery making, too! Creating is meditative, automatically reducing stress.


Who doesn’t love receiving handmade gifts? Depending on what you make, you can whip up a gorgeous gift in no time.


If you make your own jewellery, you can recreate some of your favourite designer pieces to fit your budget. Even if you use the same metals and gems that the designer piece uses, you’ll still save a lot of money!


Create unique projects that stand apart from the crowd. You can imagine your perfect piece of jewellery and recreate that. No one else in the world will own the same piece of jewellery!

Don't know how to design? We can help you create individual designs just for you.

Do you have a design but don't know how to make it?  We can help you make it.

​At Woolaway Studios, anything is possible!

Here, at Woolaway Studios, we believe that everyone can learn how to create their own jewellery.  Our workshops will help you to realize your creative side in an enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding manner.  Plus after our workshops you will take home beautiful pieces  that you have made yourself. Our affordable and fun classes are conducted in small groups so you get plenty of individual attention.

Make something unique for yourself, your partner (valentines day, birthday), parents (mothers/fathers day), children, grandchildren, wedding accessories etc. 


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