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David & Mary Woolaway are multifaceted, creative people, both  with a B.A. in Visual Art, whose practice spans jewellery, ceramics, photography, and scraper-board etching. Drawing inspiration from nature, subtle forms, textural details and  the environment, they strive to apply high attention to detail, artisan techniques to every piece of work they produce.

While diverse in medium and form, David and Mary's body of work is cohesive and unmistakably recognizable for its intricate aesthetic, distinct illustrative quality and unique detail. 

Their work is stocked and represented by Artworx on the Fleuriue Peninsula in Goolwa, Gallery M in Marion, along with other selected galleries in South Australia. 

David & Mary love being be able to use the skills they have studied, and worked years for. They love seeing the joy, amazement and satisfaction on people’s faces when they show them how to make things for themselves, whether that is a jewellery piece, a ceramic bowl or how to use their camera and take a fantastic photo. Through their guidance, people who take advantage of one of their studios, will make their  masterpiece from their own creative ingenuity, at their own pace, with plenty of one-on-one guidance from a professional artist.

Besides being busy running workshops and creating their own artistic pieces, they also run Gumnut Getaway, their own bed & breakfast accommodation. One day workshops can be run for guests staying at their B&B. If you, or someone you know, are interested in this option please go to their website to see what days are available. 

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